Revolutionary Women

Ages 8 – Adult:
Darci’s most popular program, this one-woman, three-character interactive play explores the issues and events that led to the American Revolution. The program highlights the importance of active citizenship. Audience members examine women’s rights and roles in colonial America, and their contributions to Revolutionary War effort by meeting and conversing with three women:

  • Jane Walker, one of thousands of wives who accompanied the army doing support work (fictitious composite character)
  • Elizabeth Thompson, a loyalist spy (actual person)
  • Deborah Samson, who disguised herself as a man, enlisted and fought for 1.5 years before she was discovered (actual person)

“I hate to admit it, but that was really kind of awesome.”

Josh, 8th grader, Ezel-Harding Christian School, Nashville, TN


  • Performances are generally on Zoom, but other platforms can be used. Precautions are in place to prevent “Zoombombing.”
  • Up to 500 participants per performance, so you can share with another school.
  • Live Q&A with the students, unless you prefer to use “chat”
  • Participants can use individual devices or teachers can project program onto whiteboards.

“I loved all the cool stuff you taught us yesterday. I listened and stared at you the whole way through. I didn’t miss a single word or take a single eye off you either (until you went behind the curtains and music started, and when it did, I thought about what I just saw instead of talking to friends).”  Charles, 5th Grader, Hoffman Elementary, Running Springs, CA

Where can I learn more?

  • Watch clips from Revolutionary Women.   
  • Read about the program in a California newspaper.   
  • Listen to a Colonial Williamsburg podcast about the program (please note that although the podcast refers to performances at Colonial Williamsburg, this program is the property of American Lives: History Brought to Life™ and can only be booked through American Lives).

“I liked the story you told us about James and how he was a double agent.  It was so cool!  I will never forget that story.  NEVER!  I also think it was cool that you played 3 different people.  You should be on different movies.  You are a very good actor.”   Rahul, 5th Grader, North Hollywood, CA

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